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Sweet Corn


Peter and Ray Murray have some new and exciting news! 


In addition to the Burkholder brothers Vincent and Lewis producing corn, we are pleased to announce that our family members are carrying on the corn and pumpkin production!  Ray's daughter Ashley and Peter's nephew Jordan have purchased their first farm/home across the road from Peter and Ray and are growing their own corn under the name Pete Murray's Corn Farm 2nd Generation.  Peter and Ray still reside at their farm residence and enjoy a slower pace.  Peter still has a secret corn field :)


 Peter is assisting and mentoring them with his tried and true expertise he has gained after 40+ years of growing corn and other crops.  Ray is behind the scenes helping.  Along with Ashley and Jordan Ray's eldest daughter Christine is helping the family when she's home from Saskatoon and you might see her at the market in Kamloops if you're lucky! 

Please call 778-220-7246 or 250-571-0463 for more information.

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